Mental Health Services for Assisted Living Facilities.

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We have Behavioral Health Specialists (LCSW) ready to work with you and your residents. Schedule a community visit.

Network of Medical Professionals

  • We make it easy to coordinate dates and times with residents, and make all follow-up and reminder calls
  • Provide an hour per week of isolation services with constructive therapy to help improve quality of life and extend existing resident offerings
  • Make a big impact on helping new residents acclimate and adjust as our clinicians help residents deal with move anxiety, new surroundings, and settling in
  • Positive effects on residents and staff in turn, which builds a better community and culture for all

We handle the leg work and align with your staff to create a closely integrated patient-centric service


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Hospitals & Care Facilities Served


Improve how residents are feeling

Helping residents cope with emotional and mental challenges

Early diagnosis and prevention of physical and mental health

Early diagnosis and prevention can prevent chronic diesease.

In-person weekly support

Advance residents' quality of life and reduce negative health outcomes.

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Assisted Living Facility Benefits

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There were some residents who weren’t coming out of their rooms and didn’t want to engage with anyone… that has really changed since offering this program — they are more apt to talk now and be around other people — they are really starting to come out of their shell and are really happy with the service.

Renee, Director of Resident Care. 

The Ivy of McKinney

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Schedule a Counselor

In just the past year, we have provided health and wellness services for over 150K+ patients

Performed on-site and remote health and wellness services for over 300 organizations

Our staff are certified for each procedure and our processes are fully HIPAA complient

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TrueCare Behavioral Health Services professionals evaluate, diagnose, and treat Individuals with a broad range of behavioral concerns, including:

Behavioral health counseling services can not only provide a safe environment for understanding the root of an issue, but also help elders struggling to find the support system they need and develop skills for better decision making—all of which are critical components for healing. Our Licensed counselors are skilled at treating through an integrated approach, taking the full spectrum of concerns, needs, health diagnoses, and behavioral goals into consideration. We work in tandem with your multidisciplinary care team to help people overcome their struggles and thrive.

How Behavioral Health Counseling Services Can Help

TrueCare Health Services is the premier provider for in-home behavioral counseling

Helpful. Reliable. Compassionate. We understand the emotional and physical toll behavioral and chronic health concerns can have on individuals and their loved ones.  That’s why we’re dedicated to helping navigate a changing world to focus mind, body, and spirit on healing.

As behavioral and mental health affect one in five U.S. adults, the need for private behavioral health services is very real. TrueCare Behavioral Health Services go beyond traditional healthcare options to skillfully bridge the gap between aging adults who are worried about asking for help, and receiving personalized care.

  • Adding a valuable program to your existing benefits package helps to attract and retain more residents.


  • Outsource care services with our Licensed Clinical Social Workers to save time, effort, and payroll expenses  for your staff.


  • All on-site and in-person services involve interaction with a real person.


  • No cost to you or participants — services billed directly through insurance.

In-facility, personalized, 1:1 services

Outsourced and integrated approach

No cost, no contracts and easy to manage

Fully credentialed & HIPAA compliant

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Behavioral Health Services